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IN GERMAN (opens when pressed)

"The Silence of the Sirens":

"Fast Forward: Schau junger Theater-ideen, kein Trendsetter", by Michael Bartsch for "Theater der Zeit"


"ALL HAIL THE FEMALE: DAS FINALE DES FAST FORWARD FESTIVALS 2022", by Teile Diesen Beitrag for Campusradio Dresden

"Fast Forward Festival: Preise vergeben", press release by Staatschauspiel Dresden for ""

"Phaedra's Love":

"Angst, die Naechsten zu sein", by Anja Quickert for "Theater Heute"

IN LATVIAN (opens when pressed)

"The Silence of the Sirens":


IN ENGLISH (opens when pressed)

"The Silence of the Sirens":

"A talk with Laura Kutkaite", conversation with Charlotte Orti for "Fast Forward 2022 - European Theatre Festival for Young Stage Directors" 

"Phaedra's Love":

"Fear of being next", Anja Quickert for "Theater Heute"

IN FINNISH (opens when pressed)

"The Silence of the Sirens":

Sirens' voices and new winds", Hyde Hitti for TINFO - Theatre Info Finland

IN LITHUANIAN (opens when pressed)

"The Silence of the Sirens":

Lithuanian National Radio's show "Voice from the audience", "The Silence of the Sirens" - it's hard for women not only in theatre?", host Kristina Savickytė

SIRENOS has awarded the most memorable performances of last season

Mention in "Most memorable theatre and dance events of 2022" by various authors

Lithuanian National Radio's show "On the way with the classics", "Creators of "The Silence of the Sirens", a performance that has been awarded in Germany: this is what happens when the goal is bigger than us"

"The victory of "The Silence of the Sirens" in Germany", press release by Lithuanian National Drama Theatre

Lithuanian National Radio's show "Performance", "Theatre and violence: what do the actresses' stories tell?", journalist Indrė Kaminckaitė

"Strawberry lawn" in Užupis" by Jūratė Visockaitė

"Wading in the mud" by Vaiva Martišauskaitė 

"From our performances. Letters about theatre (VII)" by Rimgailė Renevytė, Ieva Tumanovičiūtė

"Songs of helpless Sirens about sick men" by Aušra Kaminskaitė

"A storm for one who has fallen asleep in the sunshine" by Aistė Šivytė

"Through humor, it is possible to talk about difficult topics more precisely" by Aušra Pociūtė

Lithuanian National Radio: "The last premiere of the season at the National Theatre - newly opened Small stage and authentic stories from the actresses"


Lithuanian National Radio's show  "Panorama", "The last premiere of the season At the National Drama Theatre will open the Small Stage" 


"Phaedra's Love":

"Ruinous lust" by Viktorija Sinicyna

"The lust of an apathetic body" by Ieva Tumanovičiūtė 


Lithuanian National Radio's show "Culture with LRT": "Laura Kutkaitė makes her debut, presenting to the audience Sarah Kane's play "Phaedra's Love", which deals with dark and difficult themes" 




"Outside of theatre I'm probably a very boring person", conversation with Tomas Ivanauskas for 370 magazine

"I want to afford myself not knowing", conversation with Agnė Zėringytė

"Theatre director Laura Kutkaite answers questions of the "Artist Profile", conversation with Urtė Sėjūnaitė

"Theatre director Laura Kutkaite: "What excites me the most is radical honesty towards oneself", conversation with Kasparas Pocius

"What ivory tower will L. Kutkaite not be sitting in", conversation with Agnė Žemaitytė for IQ magazine

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